The Mission of Bangiya Parishad draws inspiration from the heart of Bengal the land of exotic beauty  and rich

The famous rhetoric of Pandit Gokhale - What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow- still reverberates in  its true
sense and spirit. The Socio- Cultural epitome of Bengal revolves round  the essence  of universal human feelings,
free from all shackles  and synchronized with the enlightening beauty of  joy and eternity embodied by   the Nobel
laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore in the soul of Bengali culture.

Bangiya Parishad aspires to promote rich-ethical culture and values to bring joy and enlightenment to all in the  
State of Qatar.    
Bangiya Parishad, Qatar
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History & Mission

Bangiya Parishad is a Socio - Cultural Organization  under the aegis of the Indian Cultural Center, Embassy  of India.  

Bangiya Parishad is the glorious achievement of the long cherished dream of the expatriate Bengali  community
started trickling to this Peninsula from the  Indian State of West Bengal since the last forty years.

Though formally established in 1996, it  has been the  result   of a continuous process of a desire of socio - cultural
relationship - to be in the motherland ,  away from the  motherland .

The situation of instability and recluse could not deter the earnest enthusiasm of a few individuals to cultivate and  
start the process of sowing the seeds of this dream and  then grooming over the years and finally transforming it to a
vibrant organization.  

The history of Bangiya Parishad lay in the gallant sacrifices and contributions of these individuals and  will be
remembered by all forever.

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Affiliated to Indian Cultural Centre, Embassy of India, Qatar